Apples have already conquered the world once, why shouldn’t this be continued?

Subscribe for our newsletter and try what suits you the most: detox diets, weight loss recipes, energy bombs … and all these by natural means from apples and additional vegetables and fruits. We shouldn’t be consuming citrus fruits, tropical fruits from warm climates, which, by the way, are over-treated with chemicals, genetically modified, and make a very long journey on a ship or aircraft before ending up in the consumer’s shopping cart! We should consume our locally available, real fruits and vegetables, which can even be regarded as traditional, to some extent, because these belong to us, instead of the “alien” citrus fruits popular due to their vitamin and nutritional content often magnified by the media. For example, kiwis do not contain nearly as much vitamin C as black currants, also known as the “grapes of the Szeklers.


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