The recipe no secret: 100% fruit juice!
The recipe no secret: 100% fruit juice!
The recipe no secret: 100% fruit juice!
The recipe no secret: 100% fruit juice!

Apple juice

100% apple juice

Our basic product is a 100% natural apple juice, which is obtained from 4-6 apple sorts specifically suited for apple juice production. Several manufacturers place the 100% natural mark on their products, and only after having read the small print section, can the consumer become aware of the fact that he has been slightly mislead, having purchased a neatly packaged juice, reconstituted from concentrate and enriched with additives. In connection with our products, this is not possible, because we do not like hidden fine print sections!


Our fruit juices are specifically manufactured in an unfiltered form, preserving fibres and therefore essential nutrients, vitamins in the fruit juice. In case of fruit juices, one of the most important aspects from the consumer's point of view is to get the freshly squeezed and pasteurized juice of the desired fruit or vegetable in a nutritionally complete, unfiltered state. Only then can it be referred to as a healthy drink.

Freshly processed

You have probably already experienced the sour, bitter, musty taste when drinking natural apple juices. This is all due to the use of inferior quality, not professionally selected fruit from cool stores. Our manufacturing concept ruled out this possibility already in the very beginning, by aiming at acquiring a market leading position in terms of both quality and uniqueness.

About us


BIMARfruct Kft. is a Transylvanian company active since 2005, based in Csíkszereda. We manufacture 100% natural apple juice out of fresh fruit and package it according to a Bag-in-Box technology. Our company was a pioneer on the domestic market, both in terms of manufacturing and of packaging technology. The processing takes place by means of a new production line, which is in accordance with EU standards, in our modern small factory based in Csíktaploca, which is under constant development, in order to ensure impeccable quality and to completely meet customers' requirements. Our products are manufactured in 3, 4, 5, 10 ltr versions, in aseptic (sterilized) double-walled plastic bags with serving taps. Their shelf life is of 30 days after being opened, and can be stored for 18 months without being opened. The long shelf life is insured by the pasteurization process. The product does not contain any preservatives, additives, sugar, colourings! 


Our goal

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Our goal: to extend the circle of our satisfied customers, due to our uniquely high quality fruit juices to increase the number of so-called naturalists, of those who place their health above everything else! We consider it important to meet consumer requirements, all while not making compromises on the expense of quality!

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Adress: 530200, Miercurea Ciuc, Hunyadi János street 69. Harghita country Romania| Company information: RO17935463, J19/872/2005 | BCR Miercurea Ciuc RO69RNCB015204235982001 | Processing location: Miercurea Ciuc, Taploca street 138/a Romania